Fine HANDCRAFTED Pens, Perfumers, Bottle Stoppers, and other EXECUTIVE GIFTS!

TURNER MASTERCRAFT custom handcrafts every piece, one at a time, from the most beautiful and quality components.  You will LOVE what ever piece you select.

Look at the above pages, get some ideas, and give us a call with your order- 1 800 762-7837.

PETER AND BARBARA TURNER craft and sell every piece sold by TURNER MASTERCRAFT, so when you call, you will get us personally or our machine (if we are at a show).  We will get back to you ASAP and meet your exact needs.

SEE US AT OUR SHOWS (see show schedule above) and view and purchase from our extensive line.  We do All SUGARLOAF CRAFT SHOWS and a few other great ones each year.

QUANTITY GIFT DISCOUNTS are available, perfect for QUALITY Corporate Gift Giving.  SAVE 10% to 30% starting at only 10 pieces with 1% off per piece (i.e. 25 pieces = 25% off) & 40% off at 100 pieces and 50% off at 200 or more pieces!  Laser engraving of logos is available in quantity.


Website updated  2/17


                                    Official Sugarloaf Exhibitor